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"Hello! welcome to my VoCAL STUDIO, my name is anna and I've been a vocal coach for the last 16 years. below are some of the techniques I cover and the types of singers i coach"


  • Increase your vocal range

  • Sing tension free with no cracks or breaks

  • Understand your vocal function

  • Connect your voice throughout your vocal range

  • Vocal health

  • Improve your breathing technique and posture

  • Strengthen your voice and range of dynamics

  • Learn to adapt the voice to emulate different vocal/musical styles

  • Understand how to sing within different feels/grooves/time signatures

  • Learn how to access and use different tonal qualities

  • Improve performance and stage presentation

  • Improve improvisation/adlib skills

  • Create and sing interesting harmonies/improving backing vocal blend

  • Express the emotion within a song/acting through song

  • Prepare for conservatoire auditions

  • How to get the best out've recording session 



Recording artists and stage performers who need a deeper understanding of their vocal function and the tools to sustain an intense touring schedule/nightly performances.


Singers looking to take their career to the next level - wanting to understand and access their true voice, learning how to improvise, phrasing musically, singing with emotion and understanding the techniques required for different vocal styles.


People who need to use their voice for work, for examples, songwriters (guide vocal), session musicians/producers (backing vocals/studio), Actor (work requires singing). Please email if you are a beginner and don't fit this description. 


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