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I love to teach people about their voice. It's exciting to help someone understand the vocal function and access their individual sound. Vocal lessons are like no other instrumental training as the function of the voice can't be seen and the instrument is affected by every part of the body and mind.
Over the last 20 years I have studied many vocal styles and trained in a variety of approaches to vocal technique. I have also learnt a lot about the mind and what creates/triggers tension in the body.

At the age of 19 I was unfortunate to obtain a vocal disorder from a "misunderstood" contemporary vocal technique. I had trained in classical and musical theatre since I was 11 and when taught this new technique I assumed contemporary vocals must be different and trusted my teacher. After just one year of practising and performing with this new technique my voice started to disappear. In the first year of my BMus degree in Jazz Performance at Trinity College of Music I met a vocal ENT specialist who introduced me to a speech therapist and vocal osteopathy. In addition to this I started training in Alexander technique; for anyone with vocal issues "Use of The Self" is a must read. The combination of these methods and techniques taught me a great deal about the voice and led to my obession with the vocal function. My vocal disorder took me on a journey to find a singing technique that would not only work for me but for all singers and their personal needs.

As a professional singer I wanted and needed to be able to access different vocal qualities for different styles e.g. classical, jazz, belt, vocal riffs etc. It is of great importance to feel resonance and connected throughout the vocal range and to have sustainability and endurance i.e. be able to sing for hours without getting tired. In the last year of my degree I began to train in a technique called Speech Level Singing, which I then continued to study for the next six years. SLS made me aware of the muscles I use to produce sound and gave me a variety of answers and tools for all voice types and issues. Moving on from SLS I continued to experiment with my voice and studied with some of the UK and America's leading vocal coaches and technique founders including Vocology In Practise, Estil and The New Science Of Singing. It is important to me that I am always obtaining new information and training to become a better singer and teacher for my students.

Unfortunately there are a lot of singing techniques out there that offer quick fixes, which often result in bad habits being formed. I am confident that I have effective methods that won't waste your time and, if put into practise regularly will bring you great vocal success. I have rehabilitated students with a large variety of speech and vocal problems over the years, which gives me great joy as I once was the student looking for answers.

Below are some of the music colleges, management and records labels that I have had the pleasure of working with:
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